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About the Artist

   Hello, my name is Ryan Jerzy and I am a linoleum block printer.  I started hand carving and printing linoleum block prints in 2004 after seeing the work of Phish artist Jim Pollock.  After a few trials and errors taught myself how to print using a baren to transfer the ink from the block onto the paper.  This was back breaking work.  Now all of my prints are printed on a 19th century cast-iron bookbinding press.  Still back breaking work but not nearly as rough.  my favorite thing about lino prints is the raw/old timey look you get from them.

   If you are not familiar with block printing here is an easy explanation of the process.  First, I sketch out my image and transfer its reversed image onto a linoleum block.  Then I carve out the image on the block for the color being printed.  Finally, I hand roll the ink onto the block and run it through my press (which can be up to 4 times per color as my press only measures 11 by 15 inches)  After each color is printed I start over and repeat until the print is complete.   This process makes small variations to each print intrinsic, making every print a little unique from each other.

  I hope you enjoy my art as i will keep creating art for the purpose of creating it.